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Lliquids and Solids Labpaq Essay

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Liquids & Solids
Pre Lab Questions: 3pts
  1. What are the learning goals of this lab?

The goal is to view and experience the melting point and boiling point of different substances.

  2. Why is acetamide not allowed in contact with your skin? What precaution does one has to take to work with this chemical?

Acettamide is a carcinogen, which can cause cancer. Therefore, it should not be allowed to come in contact with a persons skin. Any person working with this chemical to wear gloves, and follow all precautionary procedure. A person should also make sure to wear long sleeves, closed toed shoes, and long pants to avoid contact with the skin.

  3. Define the B.Pt of liquids and M.Pt of solids. Why is it important to determine these physical properties of a substance?

The melting point of a solid is the point at which a solid becomes a liquid with standard atmospheric pressure. The boiling point of a liquid equals the external pressure. It is important to know these characteristics of a substance so that you can handle them in the correct manner. The boiling point and melting point can also be used to identify an unknown substance.

Name____Nic munoz ________________
  1. Title: 1pt
Liquids and solids

  2. Procedure (4pt)
(Write the procedure in your own words after you read the manual)
  1. B.Pt:
I poured rubbing alcohol in a beaker and rubber banded it with the thermometer. I logged the last bubble that came out of the   capillary tubes. After that I crushed the acetamide and carefully put it in the capillary tube I banded it to the thermometer and logged when the acetamide.

  2. M. Pt:
I put gloves on and inserted acetamide into the end of the 2nd capillary and moved the powder towards the end of the tube and repeated it until it was ¾ quarters down. I used a rubber band to attach the tube to a thermometer and aligned the bulb of the thermometer with the closed end. I filled 100 ml beaker with warm...

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