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Little Johnnys Final Letter

  • Submitted by: Jannie1
  • on April 2, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
  • Length: 924 words

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The story
This story is about little Johnny. Johnny isn’t that little anymore, he is growing up, and he is so close to be a real man. But he is a kind of a special man. His mother don’t think that he is going to be something big. Johnny has never been as the other boys at the school. He played always only with himself, talked about gnomes and weird stuff from the fantasy world. The other boys thought that he was a strange child compared to the others. A kind of weird. Little Johnny always wants to be alone, then no one would talk about him, it would only be him and no one else. His mother does everything to get him to be with his friends. His father doesn’t really care about him. He also got a sister, but she is only thinking to be popular and be one of the prettiest girls at the school. She takes all the boys with her home, and they are all her big love, until she finds something new and something better. There were just one thing; Johnny doesn’t want to have friends. Now Johnny is 17 years old. He doesn’t go to parties and drink as every young man else would do. He stays at home on his own room, with a book about the second world war and a cup of tea. Other times Johnny disappeared from home, and his mother has called the police and put a lot of exploration. They always found him in the wood, where he was hiding in a tent or something like that. But now, Johnny was gone, and all there is back, is his final letter to his mother. Only his mother. The father doesn’t think about it at all, he has his work to do, and the sister maybe be sad and crying, when she finds out that he isn’t coming back, but then she finds a guy, and everything will be alright. Johnny decided to stay alive, and get himself classified. He packed his bag and walked out of nothing. He just walked, and see where he ended. He walked to the mountains. These beautiful mountains he always wanted to climb. This day, he did it. He climbed all the way up with his bag, and when he reached the top, he...

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