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Literature, Technology, And Inspiration Essay

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  • on March 24, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Literature, Technology, And Inspiration" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Short Paper
Noah Mink
Eng 380U
Fiction, and by part non-fiction, play a key role inspiring new technology and pushing the boundaries of existing technology; we would be at a vastly lower level of technological advancement if literature did not exist and the development of future technology would be severely stymied.   The spark of imagination and creative genius does have an absolute start.   At some time, someone, be it writer or scientist, has to have the “eureka” moment where they know what it is they wish to create or how they wish to solve a problem. The creative genius that exists is the same for scientists, fiction writers, or any other constructive individual; the process through which ideas come around differs but that is more related to individual’s creative procedure and influences rather than the subject matter.
In determining the origin of new ideas and creations we have an issue, unless the creator is in complete isolation, which is impossible considering the amount of general contact one must have to make scientific or artistic progress, they are on some level influenced by outside sources.   Even someone who grew up in the wilderness, having never come in contact with modern society, would still be influenced by the environment in which he lived, however natural it may be.   If this person wished to create something he would still draw from what he knows, plants and animals, he can have the spark of imagination and create something “new” but whatever he creates, even if the creation does not show it, has elements in its creation swayed by the place and situation of the creator.   To create something entirely from the mind of its maker, the maker would have to live and create in a void, which is impossible.   The reason we advance technologically and as a species is because of the exchange of ideas and the constant reimagining of those ideas to create new and better ones.   Our technology would not be as advanced as it is currently without...

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