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Literature Essay

  • Submitted by: shalini9210
  • on April 2, 2014
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      -   Zahid bought a long pencil.   A few days later, it went missing.   Zahid saw Dollah with a similar pencil and accused him of stealing his.   They fought.   As Dolah was able to convince their teacher that the pencil was his, Zahid was punished.   When zahid hit Dolah the second time, he was punished again.   Since then, zahid became defiant and he disturbed other pupils in school.   He was eventually sent to the Headmaster, who was patient enough to understand Zahid and got the whole truth.   Dolah too admitted his guilt.   Since then, their teacher treated Zahid with patience and Zahid turned over a new leaf by being friends with Dolah again.


      (a) Zahid
- Rather small in size, he is shy and quiet and feels somewhat insecure.
-   He buys the special pencil to attract attention.
-   He has a sensitive nature.
-   He feels very hurt when Mr Jamal chooses to believe Dolah’s story.
-   He is badly affected and changes from a quiet boy to a rebellious and violent boy.
-   He is intelligent enough to know that Dolah has stolen his pencil.
-   After the unfair treatment from Mr Jamal, he changes to become rebellious and stubborn.
-   He even becomes violent.
-   He damages school property sticks his knife into the able and cuts Dolah.
-   Later, when his principal and teacher show him kindness, he changes back to being a nice   boy.

(b) Dolah
-   He is bigger in size than Zahid.
-   He is very dishonest.
-   He steals Zahid’s pencil but denies it.
-   He is cunning as he carves his name on the pencil so that he can say it belongs to him.
-   He is shrewd as he cries convincingly to win Mr Jamal to his side.
-   When threatened by Mr Berahim, he gets frightened and admitted stealing the     pencil.
(c)   Mr. Jamal
-   He is always prim and proper in his dressing.
-   When he goes to teach in school, he wears shiny black shoes.
-   He is strict with his pupils.

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