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Literacy Narrative Essay

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  • on August 22, 2015
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Literacy Narrative
The classroom was unremarkable. I remember a seldom-used chalkboard and several scuffed and dinged desks, reminiscent of those used in high school. An adjustable arm attached the desktop to the seat; we moved it aside so that we could cross our legs as we sat in a wide circle. The room was without projector, lectern, or desk for the instructor. She sat among the students with her notes on her lap, legs crossed like us. I think there were fourteen of us, including the instructor, all women. We met three days a week during that fall semester to talk and write about women's literature, about women and literature, about women in literature. For the first eight weeks of class, the windows remained open so that we might catch a breeze on those stifling Georgia afternoons. We sat without complaint, patting beads of perspiration from our foreheads and upper lips, in that unremarkable classroom with no air conditioning. We read passages aloud from our dog-eared paperbacks, scribbled in the margins, and expressed our outrage and admiration. In that very unremarkable classroom, a most remarkable transformation occurred. I became aware of the power of the written word, the labor required to write with insight, and the value of community.
Never before had I realized the intensity of language. Admittedly, our instructor's presence captivated us. Youthful, barely a decade older than the women under her tutelage, she had style and poise. She quickly dispensed with our use of any type of title, preceding her last name. No use of "Dr." or "Ms." She insisted that we call her Iris, and during the first days of class, she fostered the conditions that created an environment of mutual respect. Each class would begin with her reading aloud a passage from whatever novel we were studying. It was always a carefully chosen passage, selected for its beauty, hidden meaning, humor, or vulgarity, and read with thespian inflections and pitch-perfect emphasis. Iris mesmerized...

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