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Literacy Analysis

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  • on April 14, 2015
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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Analysis
Hector Jaramillo
LIT 467
Mrs. Elder
September 28, 2014

In a culture where the memory of slavery still brings back many memories or hardship and struggles that thousands of African American’s suffered in the hands of whites, the idea of owing land was a symbol of independence and perseverance. After years of hardship and countless maltreatments by the hands of others, the least these formal slaves or family of former slaves deserved is a patrimony that they can be proud of. Whether it be parts of the lands they once slaved on or land that belonged to others, having land of their own was an achievement that at one point seemed impossible for African Americans. From being slaves and only owning the clothes on their backs to being able to own land and everything in it is something well worth fighting over. That is exactly what the Logan family carried on to do.
Owning land was of great importance in the lives of Big Mama, Mama, and Papa. During the entire book they kept stating that they were not going to lose the land nor let others attempt to take it away no matter what they had to do to prevent it. The land that was acquired by Grandpa Logan was a treasure that the entire Logan family was going to protect at whatever cause. It was not only a representation of Grandpa Logan’s hard work and hardships but the patrimony for their family that could continue for generations to come. It represented freedom and independence from the power of white people around them and those attempting to take their land and treat them as their ancestors once were. The Logan’s were able to work their own land without the necessity of answering to any master and were even able to go and shop at any store they wished without limitations or fear.  
Black people having the opportunity for to obtain land after slavery was something that wasn’t sees every day especially in the years preceding the end of slavery. In the case of the Logan’s they were able...

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