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List of Competency Interview Questions Essay

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  • on April 3, 2014
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  * I’d love to hear your opinion on what you believe are the most important things I could do to be a great intern if you chose to hire me?
  * I’ve been told that “fitting in” at the company I work for this summer is really important. I’m really interested in learning about what the company is like and how past interns have been effective at fitting in and contributing  as part of your team?
  * I want to be the intern who can help the company do more for less because I am here to contribute. If you could put me anywhere to get some things off your plate, what would you want me to do? I’d like to convince you that I can do those things.   

  * "What would keep you from hiring me for this position?" This gives you the opportunity to allay any misgivings the hiring manager might have about you.

  * What are the tactical and strategic goals of the firm and the _______ department?
  * What’s the difference between a good investment banker and a great one? What kind of qualities do you look for when inviting Analysts to stay on board for a third year? What makes them stand out?
  * What qualities do you have that helped you succeed in investment banking?
  * What are M goals? Are they looking to overtake Goldman or Morgan Stanley in some area, or are they content with simply doing business the way they have?
  * How do you distinguish yourself from other bulge bracket firms?
  * Where do you want to be 5 years from now?
  * Why did you choose this career path?
  * On a typical day in this position, what do you do? With whom do you interact?
  * How do you manage work, family, and community involvement?
  * Describe your typical first-year assignments.
  * What is the most effective way to find employment in this field?
  * Has the work changed recently due to technology, the marketplace, or competition, etc.?
  * How did you find your job?
  * How do you see this job changing in...

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