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Lisbon Essay

  • Submitted by: Mthoma91
  • on March 21, 2012
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The year of 1775, babies were crying parents looked at what was their home and are now rubble. Back in this time natural disaster brought tons of mass confusion to those who had to experience the disaster of the earthquake that hit Lisbon in 1775. After this life changing event people formed many questions, why and how could this happen to them. Theologians explained the earthquake in the same way that god did to the people that did not worship him. Many people in the city couldn’t understand how God could allow this type of devastation to happen to his creation. They turned to their spiritual leaders but didn’t get the kind of compassion that they were searching for. People even got so spiritual they turned to the Enlighten thinker and they didn’t get compassion from most of the intellectuals. After the earthquake many leaders saw this as the time to prove their theory or their point and not to comfort the people.
Before this earthquake much of Europe was well into their scientific and intellectual revolutions. The discoveries in the Scientific Revolution help give people a much more open minded look on the world around them. The ideas that were produced were gaining acceptance among the educated in the west. One of the most important things that people learned was that the physical world could be understood with the ability of human reasoning and mathematical laws. This was a time where intellectuals no longer explained things in terms of supernatural action. Also many intellectual thinkers were beginning to be known as Deists. Everybody believed in God, but they did not believe that God had his hand in the everyday life. God was a master scientist and physicist. He created the world and now he was just watching how it played out. This was truly ground breaking way to think of the world.
Next, to theologians the enlightenment was not a bad thing; the enlightenment would go on to inspire some great changes in the government. There was a problem when...

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