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Lion King Essay

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Lion King: Ecology and the Environment Review Assignment

Directions: Write your answers to the following questions on a separate sheet of paper. You must write your answers neatly in complete sentences.

  1. Create a food chain consisting of at least 4 organisms in the movie. Be sure to label the producer, primary consumer, secondary

  2. Choose 3 animals from your list, and identify one adaptation of each organism that allows it to live successfully in its environment. Explain how the adaptation is beneficial to each organism.

  3. Identify 3 biotic factors and 3 abiotic factors from the movie.

  4. During the movie, Simba was in 3 different biomes. Identify those biomes, and name the characteristics of each biome that allowed you to identify it.

  5. Using examples from the movie, explain the differences between an organism, a population, a community, and an ecosystem.

  6. Identify at least 6 characteristics of Simba‚Äôs niche in the Pride Rock ecosystem.

  7. Explain the following types of ecological relationships with examples from the movie: competition, predation, mutualism, parasitism, and commensalism.

  8. Explain why biodiversity is important to the continued survival of the Pride Rock ecosystem.

  9.   Choose one of the nutrient cycles we discussed in class (either (1) the carbon and oxygen cycle OR (2) the nitrogen cycle). Explain the parts of the cycle by drawing a diagram, using organisms from the Pride Rock ecosystem in your diagram. Be sure to label your drawing.

  10. Name at least 6 natural resources from the movie. Identify each of them as renewable or nonrenewable.

  11.   Name 2 limiting factors in the Pride Rock ecosystem. Predict how they can affect the organisms there.

  12. What is the ultimate source of energy for all life at Pride Rock? Explain your reasoning.

  13. Using an example from the movie, explain extinction.

  14. At the end of the movie, the Pride Rock ecosystem is drastically different than at the start...

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