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Linux Hw Chap 10 and 18 Assigment 7.1 Essay

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Linux Homework Chapter 10, 18
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1.   a. SCP: encrypted, including username/password; part of SSH suite, uses port 22; can put a file     anywhere you have privilege to ftp: plaintext, user/password, uses ports 20, 21; usually restricted to an ftp directory on server
    b. Telnet is a terminal emulator application. A terminal emulator lets users on one computer see the command line of another computer as though the actions displayed on the screen were happening on the local computer. SSH is called Secure Shell. It is also a terminal emulator.
    c. RSH is a non-secure; its connections are unencrypted. SSH connections are designed to be secure.

3. a. Web server; accessed via a browser on the remote client machine
    b. Mail Server; accessed via e-mail program or web-frontend from remote machine
    c. SSH server, DNS server, NTP server
5.   Internet is described as a wide area network that links many computers all over the world. Internet is the interconnection of computers all over the world.
    World Wide Web is a collection of multimedia services and information accessible via the internet. The World Wide Web is part of the internet

1. SCP is quite different from the SFTP. SCP is a secure copy which is transferred from the one network to another network. On the hand, STFP is a type of network through which a file is transferred.
3. SCP user@home:-r your@home:blank

Linux Homework Chapter   18

5. The problem that enabling compression prevent when using a SSH to run remote x applications on a local display would be that this creates a backup feature.
7. SCP -r user@home:~ ./
9. SSH yourusername@home “cat~/memos” | diff - ~/memos

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