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Life After Death Essay

  • Submitted by: 08tumeltys
  • on April 15, 2015
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Compare and contrast two types of belief about life after death (18)
Death is frequently defined as, “the complete and permanent cessation (ending) of all vital functions of a living creature, the end of all life”. However, some argue that death is not the end of all life, because, for example people live on in the form of inherited genes and in other people’s memories, therefore the latter part of this definition is disputed. Two views with respect to life after death are Immortality of the Soul and Rebirth, however I will compare and contrast Ressurection and Reincarnation. If this definition of death is accepted, is there reason to reject the idea of life after death in the form or reincarnation or ressurection? This argument is not just a religious issue, as many non religious believers find the prospect of a post mortem existence highly desirable. What we mean by human life has many consequences on the various theories of life after death. Monists would argue that the body and soul are linked together to form one identity, with the soul being ‘the immaterial ‘I’’. Dualists on the other hand believe the physical body and the soul exist as distinct entities. Descartes tried to prove that the thinking self is separate from the physical, through his statement, “I think therefore I am”. Plato was a dualist, as he believed that the soul existed in a realm of forms before coming into the body. He believed that the body has an affinity (understanding) with the earth and that the soul has an affinity with the eternal realm of forms. At death, he believed the body dispersed to the earth, and the soul returns to the realm containing the truths. Materialism, distinct from the other views of what constitutes human life, argues that there is no separate soul - the body is just matter. Richard Dawkins is a materialist, arguing that DNA is all that constitutes a person. He thinks that any suggestion of a separate soul is produced by chemical and electrical impulses in the...

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