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Life Essay

  • Submitted by: JrMonderen1
  • on April 16, 2015
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Life Before College

Johnny Monderen

COLL100: Foundations of Online Learning

American Military University
John Clark

Life Before College

    “Failure is a great teacher, and I think when you make mistakes and you recover from them and you treat them as valuable learning experiences, then you’ve got something to share (Steve Harvey).”   Starting college is not the easiest thing to do; although, it can be one of the most beneficial choices you can ever make.   In today’s society, a   higher education is becoming less of a choice, and more like a requirement for most job fields. Some say that it is not easy for one to achieve this milestone in their life, but the next few paragraphs will be some of my own thoughts on the learning styles that are currently helping me accomplish this achievement.
    For myself, I began seeking a college degree a little later than I had wished.   This all happened after I tried avoiding college and jointing the military; since even in the armed forces the only way to be above your comrades is by acquiring some type of degree.   My passion for medicine has lead me to the beginning of my studying, in hopes of becoming a doctor one day. Although I may have the passion to get my work completed, that is not enough; I have found that my learning styles, both kinesthetic and visual have helped me a lot of the way.
    The learning style quiz said that I am a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learner (The Center for New Discoveries in Learning, 2012). The second quiz taken stated the same, being an auditory learner (Bixler, 2010).   I disagree with the results of being an auditory learner, because it said that many people usually hear the words or phrases in their mind while taking tests, and that reading takes longer due to having to read aloud or tracing with one’s finger. I may recall words to help with different exams and what not, but having to listen to lectures or record myself talking is not a must for me. Yet,...

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