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Licensing for Mi Essay

  • Submitted by: iceman1973
  • on April 15, 2015
  • Category: Psychology
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The first two pages of the state of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs is completely devoted to a list of definitions concerning counseling terms contained in the remainder of the document.   I found some of the terms being defined entertaining.   The creators of this document took time to define such common counseling terms as internship, multicultural counseling, ethics, supervision, supervisors, and counseling theories.   It seems a little strange that these terms actually have to be legally defined.
The next section lays out the application requirements and licensure examination criteria for a license in professional counseling.   It explains about the necessity of receiving a master’s or doctorate degree in counseling.   For a master’s degree one needs to also accumulate three thousand hours of supervised counseling within a two year time period, one hundred of those hours must be in the immediate physical presence of the supervisor.   This accumulation of hours only begins after being issued a limited license for professional counseling and continues until a full license is issued.   I found it interesting that there is an exception to this requirement if a graduate completes thirty more credit hours in counseling beyond their master’s degree.   With these additional credit hours having been met there is a fifty percent reduction in the amount of required supervised counseling hours.   This drops the total down to fifteen hundred hours (in a one year time) with only fifty hours in the physical presence of a supervisor.   Once the above requirements have been met there is a choice between taking one of two tests available: the national counselor exam or rehabilitation counselor certification exam.
The rest of the counseling rules and regulations document focuses on describing and listing approved academic programs, accreditation standards, licensure by endorsement, re-licensure, requirements for a limited license and its yearly renewal for no...

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