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Levels of Sensitivity Essay

  • Submitted by: arifaun
  • on April 16, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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It has been observed that most of the people remain depressed in the present era and the heavy pleasant events required to change their mode. And it is observed that upper class brings lower sensitivity, as for as the pleasers are concerned. For example, if a rich person gives a gift of a Car on the birthday of his son, definitely his son will feel happy but on the other hand if a poor person gives a gift of toy (Car) on the birthday of his son, his son will be more happy as compare to that son who gets the actual Car.
Same way the girls who belong to aristocrat society show too much rude attitude towards the gifts they got from their parents and on the other hand the house maid keeps on looking towards the cloths, which the lady has been thrown after rejecting them. Now, just observer and feel the wish, desire or lust of that maid for those rejected cloths. And there are the possibilities that maid can not sleep that night just to play with her thought that perhaps next day the lady master give those cloths to her. She (maid) also mentions to her mother and sisters and tell them whole story about the cloths.
So, these classes of our society play a very vital role to change and develop our thoughts and thinkings. And as we go towards the upper class our sensitivity (to feel and enjoy the pleasures) will decrease. Same way, the self respect will increase as our social class will increase. Just few bitter words are enough to bring tears in the child who belongs to a upper class, on the other hand after having hard punishment, a poor child may keep on laughing.
In this way, it is God gifted built-in quality in human beings that if they don’t have as much money to by their pleasures, they naturally have the pleasure as gift from God. I explain with an example. Let suppose a person is driving a car and enjoying music in it, no doubt that he is being too much entertained and enjoying his journey, but on the same road another person can be seen riding on a bicycle and...

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