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Levels of Critical Thinking Essay

  • Submitted by: Mittens121
  • on August 17, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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Levels of Critical Thinking
I am a Level 6: Average Critical Thinker II.

A beginning critical thinker is someone who does not spend much time thinking about their thinking. This also seems to be someone who is very set in their ways and opinions. A beginning thinker does not take the time to analyze why they think a certain way and will sometimes follow others opinions such as friends and family members.
An average critical thinker is someone who realizes there are different opinions to different issues and may give some thought to one or both sides before choosing a way to think. An average thinker will spend little time analyzing and reviewing data. They also may take into consideration that their bias may affect their opinion or thoughts about a topic or issue.
An advanced critical thinker is someone who very carefully reviews both sides of an opinion or topic. They make sure to analyze all data and make a decision about an opinion based on all of the evidence collected to make the best possible opinion. An advanced thinker can distinguish between opinions that show bias and make a well thought out critical opinion based on all information. This thinker also will question everything and may not believe someone else until they have done all of the research themselves to make their own critical opinion.
I believe my level of thinking is Level 6: Average Critical Thinker II. I try to carefully think about both sides of an opinion before I form my own thought about an idea. I can usually detect a bias opinion and try to make sure I keep my own bias out of situations and thoughts. I understand that there are at least two sides to everything and try to think carefully about each situation independently before coming to an opinion.

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