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Level 5 Managment Essay

  • Submitted by: beaumontn
  • on April 1, 2014
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Name of Candidate

| Qualification being worked towards Diploma in Management (NVQ) QCF Level 5 |
Full description of evidence, your role in producing it and the Assessment Criteria met by the evidence being presented. | Learning Outcomes and AssessmentCriteria Met |
Policy / Procedure. | |
| |
| |
Identify: | B1. 1.1 |
As a company we use the policy and procedures to identify overall objectives and persons responsible, I will use | |
relevant sections to identify what is required of me and my staffing team, and provide the required standards. | |
I use these to identify and relate to our customer base and set objectives for staff and young people to achieve, | |
this will then be broken down into key area’s of the policy and procedures to strategize and plan further. | |
    My specific role is to oversee that the members of my team are following and achieving the set targets within our | |
policy and procedures as these are policed by the national minimum standards, I will identify issues or requirements | |
and then move this forward with my staff, it is also my role to have a good knowledge of the policy and procedures | |
and identify where we need improvement in delivering our service. | |
Within +++ we are currently expanding our children’s home services, as we have identified a necessary need for | |
this with the current market, and the drop in local authority provisions, we are purchasing home’s in key area’s | |
Across the country so that we can provide a quality service across the country to many different authorities. | |
My role in this is very much based within my own children’s home, where the quality of service I provide and the | |
Service the staff I supervise provide will reflect the company as an overall service, we work closely with our YP’s | |
Placement authorities and will gather more business with the high level of service....

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