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  • on April 18, 2015
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Provide your full name)
Address (a full postal address needs to be included)

|Telephone:                   |(include your mobile number first and any landline you can be contacted on)                                       |
|Email:                       |(Your contact email address)                                                                                     |

(Insert the name and address of the company you are applying to)

GENERIC (or speculative letter is one which you would send out to a company that you want to work for but that isn’t necessarily advertising)
TAILORED (this is one which you would send out in response to a specific job advert, more likely to do with an apprenticeship)

Dear Sirs / Madam


As you are a school leaver, the chances are you will need a cover letter for one of two reasons; either applying for a part time role whilst you continue your education or for an apprenticeship.

You need to let the reader know in the first sentence what you are all about i.e. “I am writing to outline my desire to secure part time work to support my studies” or “I am writing to outline my passion for ....... developed through my GCSEs and my desire to secure an apprenticeship in.....”

“As you will note from my enclosed CV……” It will be expected that there won’t be very much in your CV at this stage.   However, you can talk about the GCSEs you have taken and which subjects were your favourite (particularly if they relate to the apprenticeship you are looking to secure).

You can also include anything you have done outside of School, such as voluntary work or helping out with after school clubs, mentoring other students etc.   All experience is valuable experience and as such, this should be clearly outlined in your cover letter.

Any skills you feel you have should also be covered in the letter; let the reader know if you are good at communicating with people or can...

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