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Let The Bullet Fly Essay

  • Submitted by: miaoke
  • on March 23, 2012
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If to believe that film as both art and commodity for consumption has the inevitable influence on and responsibility for our social and political life, telling the stories that the mass wants to hear and at the same time helping maintain the social hierarchy by psychological implications, then the success of the film “Let the Bullets Fly” in China is quite a weird phenomenon considering the strict censorship and the political environment in China.
The story is set in a little town in remote area in China back to 1920s. Two major characters were both former revolutionaries in Hsinhai Revolution in 1910s. After the revolution, one (Huang) started to take advantage of the position in the government and became a wealthy landlord and the man controlling the whole town oppressing the people living there; the other one (Zhang) lost his faith in the revolution after his comrade died and finally became a cynical bandit pretending to be a newly assigned governor of that little town who at the end eradicated Huang. The almost obvious implication of the mockery and critique of the corrupted government miraculously passed the censorship which is supposed to be fairly sensitive regarding any political theme in films. One possible reason (and a hopeful one) is that China truly made a big step forward to the real democracy so that it could be open to any critique about politics in public, even what the film showed about the two possible destinies of revolutionaries are both so pessimistic and cruel. Another possible explanation which I try not to believe is that the government thinks the censorship in this case is unnecessary because the mass won’t be able to be influenced without being able to read the message. The naked mockery in the film struck me when I saw it the first time which was still not shocking as how I felt later when I read about the reviews of the film on all kinds of blogs and forums. Among the compliments of the enjoyable comedy effects of the film, the lack of...

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