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Lesson 1 -Us Essay

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Lesson 1 Notes (Chapter 1)
Why is Cortes' letter a primary source?
  Is there any information in his letter that he did not observe? How do you reconcile this fact with the idea that this is a primary source? Can a document be partially primary and partially secondary? (i.e., written by someone who did not witness the events or experience the emotion?)
  Describe the diet of the Aztecs. What do you find in this diet that modern Americans no longer eat? What items in the Aztec diet do we still eat? Would you call the Aztec diet "balanced" in the 20th century sense?
  Using Cortes' comments in the first two paragraphs, what assumptions can you make about the wealth of the state?
  List three characteristics of this religion. What religious practice did Cortes attempt to do away with? Do you think that he could be successful?
  What unusual hobby did Montezuma have?
  Sun Falcon was buried during an elaborate rituals at Cahokia, the largest residential and ceremonial site in ancient North America.
  The largest surviving mound is “Monks Mound” is a huge terraced pyramid rising one hundred feet from a base that covers sixteen acres.
  More than 270 people had been buried in the mounds with Sun Falcon
  The first humans beings to arrive in the Western Hemisphere emigrated from Asia.
  The pyramid of the sun is one of two large pyramids in Teotihuacan dedicated to the worship of Quetzalcoatl.
  Teotihuacan flourished between 600-900 C.E
  Spanish conquistador Cortes arrived in the year that the god Quetzalcoatl had promised to return to the Aztecs, its was the end of the classic MesoAmerican civilization.
  The Portuguese were the first European nation to begin explorations. In an effort to find a quicker cheaper route to the riches of the East.
  The Portuguese plan was to travel along the tip of Africa to avoid the Muslim land routes
  Africa was known as the “Dark Continent”
  Native cultures consist of :...

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