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Leonardo Da Vinci Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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The Life of Leonardo Da Vinci
There was a time where art, literature, religion, and science were a major deal. That time was called the Renaissance. There were many artists during that time. One of the most outstanding painters of that time was Leonardo Da Vinci (“Leonardo Da Vinci.” DISCovering Biography). He had one of the best-known personalities of the Renaissance (“Leonardo Da Vinci.” 403). Even though he was more than just a painter, Da Vinci was best known for his paintings (“Leonardo Da Vinci.” DISCovering Biography). The reason was due to the fact that he was one of the first painters to strive in his portraits to bring out the personality of his subjects (“Leonardo Da Vinci.” Authors and Artists for Young Adults). People critized him and called him sorts of names. They gave him names like “ Jack of All Trades” and “Master of None” (“Leonardo Da Vinci.” Authors and Artists for Young Adults). Many people used him as in a supreme example of universal genius because he had a spectacular range of interests and accomplishments (“Leonardo Da Vinci.” 403). The First Biography was written by Giorgia Vasari (Leonardo Da Vinci.” DISCovering Biography).
Leonardo Da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 in Vinci, Italy (“Leonardo Da Vinci.” Authors and Artists for Young Adults). Some say he was born in Anchiano, Italy (“Leonardo Da Vinci.” 405). He later died on May 2, 1519 in Amboise, France (“Leonardo Da Vinci.” Authors and Artists for Young Adults). Da Vinci was the illegitimate son of Piero Da Vinci, a successful notary, and Caterina, a peasant girl (Leonardo Da Vinci. 405). His nationality was Florentine and he was an artist (“Leonardo Da Vinci.” Authors and Artists for Young Adults). Da Vinci had other occupations, such as an inventor, sculptor, draftsman, and architect (“Leonardo Da Vinci.” 403). With all the jobs Da Vinci had, it kind of shows that he was probably a busy person.
In his early time, Da Vinci moved to Florence in 1472. It was also the year he...

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