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Leon Essay

  • Submitted by: lbullock09
  • on March 24, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Refuse Claim Letter (25 Points, 300-500 words)

Look again at the letter you submitted for the last assignment (Project 9: Claim Letter). After reading it over carefully, write a letter refusing to grant its claim.

For the Refuse Claim Letter, you’ll need to pretend that you’re now in Jane Breitenbach’s place. You’ve received an articulate letter that presents accurate facts, but you still need to refuse its claim.

As Jane Breitenbach, you are in a tight position. You must refuse this claim, but you must also work hard to retain this long-standing customer. You also work for a non-profit organization that can’t afford to lose money.

Be firm yet kind. Use an indirect pattern to organize your letter; this is, after all, bad news that the reader won’t want to hear.

Review Chapter 17 for additional information on writing successful business letters.

A successful Refuse Claim Letter will:
· Conform to business letter format, including addresses for writer and reader, correct date format, correct line spacing, and correct margin justification.
· Organize its content into logical paragraphs using an indirect pattern.
· Display professional and appropriate tone (firm but kind).
· Offer valid and thoroughly explained reasons for the refusal.
· Refer to information from the original claim letter.
· Cushion the bad news, perhaps suggesting a compromise.
Present material with concision, clarity, and fluency.

      Jane Breitenbach
5 West 63rd Street 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10023

Leon Bullock
The Academy of American Poets
584 Broadway Suitse 604
New York, NY 10012-5243
March 24, 2012

Attention: Leon Bullock
Subject: Price Increase

Thank you for your letter regarding the price increase for your event. We understand your dilemma but The YMCA is going to have to refuse your request to reduce the price to $1000. While we at The YMCA have enjoyed servicing your association since 1995, we regrettably can not meet the demands within your...

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