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Lela The Cheerleader Essay

  • Submitted by: LELACHEER
  • on March 24, 2012
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Dear Grandchildren,

If you're getting this letter I must be long gone but needless to say I want to tell you why September 11,2001 is an very special date for everyone, But maybe your generation really doesn’t know about it…It's just really something you heard about that happen a long time ago. September 11, 2001 we had an terrorism attack on the Twin Tower but everyone knew them as the "World Trade Center's". It happens in New York, Manhattan at 8:00 in the morning…Well that’s when the first plane hit one of the towers. Then next thing we know around 11:00am another plane hit the second tower, every single person was watching the news because a great amount of people around the world had Family, Friends, and People they knew inside the Twin Towers. People had to evacuate the New York, Matthattan area, because of the Terrorism attack. Really everyone was Shock, Scared and just totally caught off guard. September 11,2001 really had an Impact on my generation because didn’t anyone had a clue of who the next target was going to be or what the next target was going to be, In fact everyone was so anger that they started messing with the families of the Arabic. The Americans were really upset they were making phone called being rude and disrespectful to the the Middle Eastern families. That’s why everyone should have looked outside the box and see that any colored race could have attack to. The impacted that it had on people from my generation is that a lot of children lost their parents or family member so there probably thinking "I have no one to turn to, so they start having behavior problems" and really things aren't going right for them. The terrorism attack had bought good impact too…That anything can happen in a matter of seconds. The security System has really changed after 9/11, basically the Airport has been escalated, where they check every single thing on you and they also do randomly checks on anyone if does matter what colored race you...

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