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Learning Style Essay

  • Submitted by: angungles
  • on April 3, 2014
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My Style of Learning
INFT 101-C08

My Style of Learning
      "You are such a complicated woman!" my husband always tells me.   Well I am starting to think he is right.   I believe myself to be someone who adapts to her environment and will do what is needed to complete any task.   My eclectic learning ability has many perks but with it comes just as many dilemmas.
      Upon review of the strategies of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners I found I was very well rounded and equally used all the strategies.   Throughout my life I have known that I use different styles to learn and retain information but to know that these strategies have a label was surprising to me.   Many times I struggle with myself in my life when learning a new skill or knowledge on a new subject.   I tend to start the learning process in one direction and then talk myself into another.   Chaotic as it sounds it is true.   I am my biggest critic and even triple guess my own learning process.
      My learning style is a collection of many strategies.   As a kinesthetic learner I use my hands often when I speak to others, I must have background noise when I am studying or learning a new skill, I learn best in this area by exploring what I am doing and getting a hands on feel to things.   As a visual learner it is important for me to keep track of what I have learned by using highlighters or post it notes.   When I am instructed to do something I perform best at the task when I can visually see the directions for the assignment or task at hand.   Throughout my life I have always been   the navigator of many of our travels.   Written directions or maps have always been easy for me to follow.   I have the ability to never get lost.   The best part of me in my opinion is my ability as an auditory learner.   The people that surround me find it humorous to watch me work through something or learn a new topic.   I tend to talk myself through readings or notes on a subject.   I enjoy...

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