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Learning Strategies a College Student Can Use to Enhance Academic Perfomance. Essay

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  • on April 1, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Learning Strategies a College Student Can Use to Enhance Academic Perfomance." from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Learning can be immensely gratifying, but involves several strategies and hard work to gain academic performance. Learning doesn’t come naturally and students should accept this premise. It should be apparent that one needs to set up an organized program to promote adequate learning.
Strategies of learning a college student can use to enhance academic performance would include:
1. Finding conducive environment for learning.
Where a student studies is very important. The key is to find a place where distractions are likely to be minimal. Most students cannot learn while the TV or the stereo is on or while other people are talking. A student shouldn’t depend on willpower to carry them through such distractions. It’s much easier for them to plan ahead and avoid the distractions altogether. In fact, they should be wise to set up one or two specific places, used solely for learning.
A conducive environmental will help the students pay attention to what they are learning. Attention is very crucial for learning.
2. Improving reading skills.
Much of the study time is spent reading and observing information. There are many strategies to actively attach reading assignment. One strategy is Robinson’s (1970) SQ3R method. SQ3R is a study system designed to promote effective reading by means of five steps.
 Survey – Before plunging into reading, glance over the topic headings in the chapter trying to get general overview of the material. If you know where the chapter is giving you can better appreciate and organize the information.
 Question – Once you have an overview of reading assignment, one should proceed through it one section at a time. Asking yourself about what you have learnt gets you actively involved in your reading and helps you identity main ideas.
 Read – Read only the specific section you have decided to tackle. If necessary reread the section until you can answer all...

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