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Learning Patterns Essay

  • Submitted by: Sandra79
  • on August 18, 2015
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you are a "Strong Willed Learner".


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Unlike measures of personality, multiple intelligences, or learning styles, the LCI provides you with
specific information to enable you to use your metacognition (internal self-talk of learning) to take
responsibility for making learning work for you.
The importance of completing the LCI lies in the fact that the LCI provides an inward look at learning
processes, an outward analysis of an individual's actions, and a vocabulary for explaining the
specific actions the person takes that result in productive or unproductive learning outcomes.
Completing the LCI is the first step to having a better understanding of how you do that. Results
appear as four different scores. The most important aspect of the scores is that they tell you whether
you use a learning pattern first, use it as needed, or seek to avoid it all together.

For example, if my scale score for Sequence is somewhere between 25 and 35, I use Sequence at a
Use First level. That indicates the following:
1. I want clear directions.
2. I need step-by-step directions.
3. I want time to do my work neatly.
4. I like to do my work from beginning to end.
5. I want to know if I am meeting the instructors or my team mates' expectations.
If my scale score for Sequence is 17 to 7, I avoid Sequence. I tend not to read directions. I don't plan
or live by a schedule. I rarely double-check my work. I find following directions confusing - and maybe
even frustrating.

If my scale score for Precise is somewhere between 25 and 35, I use Precision at a Use First level.
That indicates the following:
1. I want complete and thorough explanations.
2. I ask a lot of questions.
3. I like to answer questions.
4. I need to be accurate and correct.
5. I like test results.
6. I...

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