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Learning Cycle Essay

  • Submitted by: keegan88
  • on March 23, 2012
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Consider a significant issue that you have experienced in your workplace. In light of the theories you have studied, reflect on this in relation to theoretical frameworks and evaluate what you were able to learn from the situation and how your response influenced the eventual outcome.
After working at my setting for two years, I was responsible for assisting the overseeing of collection and dropping off of children within the Foundation Stage unit where I worked.   The setting’s policy was that the responsibility of ensuring that these procedures were carried out lay solely with the teacher but support staff assisted in the day to day duties.

The incident I am reflecting on occurred when I was carrying out this duty.   On one incident an adult came to the setting to collect Child B.   This adult was unknown to all staff present.   We checked the current contacts list and this person was not listed to collect Child B.   Teacher C asked me to contact the school office to make enquiries.   The head rang our department, I took that call and the Head told me that they could not get in touch with parents of Child B, so take the child aged 4, to the person who had come to collect them and if the child recognised this person then Child B could go with them.   Instantly I knew this was wrong.   Bearing in mind the safeguarding procedure for the setting, I approached the Head of the school ( who is also the Child Protection Officer) with my concerns around letting the child leave the premises with an unknown adult.   This would be in direct conflict with our policy and procedure.   However, the Head advised that I should just do as I was told and follow their instructions and let the child go.   I relayed the message word for word to Teacher C.   The teacher looked at me puzzled told me this was not acceptable but if the Head wants us to do that then they would do it.   I felt...

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