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Learning Essay

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  • on March 31, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Learning" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

This study reflects on learning. Learning occurs when we are exposed to new experiences and events that present us with some level of new or unfamiliar processes. For example, babies learn to identify new objects by sound and touch. Furthermore, it is possible to define learning in different ways, as we all learn at different paces and levels. We study or we learn to broaden our horizons, learning helps us to grow intellectually, financially and mentally. When we learn we gain a better understanding of how other people learn. Therefore, we have now gained the capability to relate the knowledge acquired to the learning environment.

Thu learning starts from conception or, birth and continues throughout our lifetime until death.   It is influenced by several elements both internal and external to us.   The majority of our years are spent as adults and learning is more intense and is fostered by the different environments that we are exposed to. Learning is a lifelong process that allows individuals to possess the basic literacy and numeracy skills in addition to the essentials that allow them to be productive citizens of a nation.

Learning is very essential in one’s life. It is where individuals increase their previous knowledge and have a better understanding of different concepts. Different people learn in different ways, some people learn by the use of visual aids. This is where an explanation is given along with a pictorial diagram to ensure that people understand more clearly. Some persons also learn by the use of past experiences from teachers and educators. This can allow them to understand a situation from someone who has more experience than they do.

According to Mullin ‘learning means change, but change of a relatively permanent kind’ (Mullins 2002, pg 350)

The diagram below shows the changing rate of leaning. See figure 1

                                  Source: Huczynski & Buchanan 2010
The curve represents the changing rate of...

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