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Leaning Essay

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  • on August 20, 2015
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1. Define the terms, Psychology, Educational Psychology and state its advantages to a
- Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour and his mental processes.
- Educational Psychology is a branch of applied psychological principles, techniques and
theories to human in an educational situation.
- It contributes a great deal towards the improvement of the process and product of education.
- It has helped the assessment of natural abilities and acquired characteristics
- The theories of learning, motivation and personality etc. have been responsible in the shaping
and designing the educational systems to meet the needs and requirements of the learner.
- It has helped the learners to learn, and teachers to teach.
- It aims at helping the teacher in widening and enriching his own personal life by enrichment
of his knowledge.
- It helps a teacher bring about improvement in quality of his teaching service
- It also helps a teacher with new research findings by the marked changes in the contents of
the curriculum.
- Educational Psychology has provided tools of evaluation and assessment not only
intelligence, ability and aptitude but also of attainment circular subjects.
- It also helps a teacher realize that growth and development of young people can be suitably
guided and directed so that learning can take place in effective manner.
- It assists the teacher acquire deeper understanding and insight into human nature. And a
knowledge of several methods of investigations.
- It helps a teacher realize the conditions that influence learning outside the school.
- It helps a teacher acquire a comprehensive approach to educational problems.
2. Outline the four schools of Psychology.
Structuralism (1832 – 1920)
- This school was founded by Wilheim Wundt, who is credited for coining the word
- He believes that the only way to understand the mind of a human being is to examine his
patterns of...

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