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Lean Succeeds Essay

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Management: Why Lean Succeeds or Fails

Lean Manufacturing is quickly becoming a household name for business owners of all types of operations. The lean manufacturing concepts originated in Japan within the Toyota company walls more than sixty years ago and has been building monumental momentum and global recognition ever since. The Toyota Production System (TPS) showed the world that lean is a universal tool and, if applied correctly, can cut costs and allow limitless progress and expansion. The success or failure of the lean system lies predominately on management (of all levels) shoulders.

If associates are the framework of an organization then management is the foundation. Management’s responsibilities may vary from company to company but the overall theme is constant, be the example, enforce the example. The same can be said when referring to lean manufacturing. Management’s role in the lean initiative is one that is ever evolving and always under scrutiny. Armed with this knowledge, management should be ever vigilant in their lean goals all while exciting others to the possibilities that lean brings as they are the key to the success or failure of lean. Management however,   seems to almost be trying to prove the success of lean manufacturing wrong by failing to develop a solid lean culture, not properly utilizing lean tools, failing to realize time & focus management, and generally lacking in educating associates in lean tools & concepts.
      Culture is discipline, discipline is sustainability, and sustainability leads to innovation, these are constant themes companies can live and learn from. According to the Cambridge dictionary culture is defined as “the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time”. This is what is to be the foundation of any company that attempts to utilize lean manufacturing principals. This is also...

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