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Leading the Led Lighting Revolution Essay

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Brett Sorensen
Professor Coleman
English Composition 1
02 June 2015
Leading the LED lighting revolution
"Leading the LED lighting revolution,” Cree’s self-proclaimed tagline, from a press release, back in 2011 (“Cree acquires Ruud”). That was when they decided to put all their resources into making traditional, energy wasting lighting, extinct by making energy efficient, light emitting diode (LED) lighting, more well know and affordable to the masses (“Cree acquires Ruud’). The LED lighting revolution is now upon us and Cree is at the forefront of this transition with their ability to manufacture the LED from its raw, silicon wafer, form and turn it into indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures in their own facility. In this research paper, I will discuss why LED lighting is gaining huge popularity and why Cree has all the resources needed to be a leader in the LED lighting revolution.
When deciding what kind of lighting to use, for any application, there are many factors to consider. Energy efficiency, lumen (light level) depreciations, expected lifetime, light distribution, color quality, and dimmability, just to name a few. Energy efficiency is probably the most important factor to most who are trying to decide which form of lighting to use. When comparing energy efficiency, which is defined by the U.S. Department of Energy as, "the ratio of power input to light output or more technically, emitted flux (lumens) divided by power (“Considerations When”). Incandescent, fluorescent and halogen technologies all require an excessive amount of power to operate and don’t have the right power dissipation to be efficient, while LED technology usually operate at 87% efficiency or greater. Making LED lighting, hand over hand more efficient than any other form of traditional lighting.
      Another import factor to customers is the expected lifetime of the fixture. LED lighting fixtures are more of a complex system in comparison. There are many components within the...

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