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Leading and Managing Change Essay

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Leading and managing Change
Chris Tucker
University of Phoenix

Leading and managing Change
Nelson’s Lawn Care Inc., based in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, has been providing the local community lawn care service since 1997. Nelson’s Lawn Care service currently offer standard lawn care services such as fertilizing, weed control, snow clearing, lawn cutting, weed eating, pruning of trees and bushes. The company primarily consists of field service techs with a small office staff which is responsible for answering phones, billing, accounting, sales, marketing, and production of the newsletter which is sent to existing customers. With the limited staff and limited customer contact, management feels that drastic measures are needed to reach new customers, expand current customer services, increasing understanding of customer desires, increasing the customers' knowledge of lawn care, and continue the growth of the business.
The model of choice for change in Nelson’s Lawn Care is Kotter's eight steps, which describes the eight principles as to why change does not take place. These steps are, to establish a sense of urgency, failure to create a powerful-enough guiding coalition, failure to establish a vision, failure to communicate effectively, failure to remove obstacles, failure to systematically play in, declaration of victory too soon, and failure to anchor the changes (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2003). This approach is fairly similar to other models but Kotter's eight steps breaks down the other models into further sub steps for creating the change and this flexibility in change makes Kotter’s eight steps the right model of change for this company.
The reasoning behind the choice of Kotter's eight steps is Nelson’s Lawn Care is having a problem between management and staff (Deeg, 2009). The eight steps give a better plan for overcoming the obstacles that will be met when trying to make changes. The first step in the process is to develop a sense of urgency...

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