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Leadership Development Plan

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With the current ever changing business environment, leaders are required to be strategic and resolute to meet the demands of the business of the environment (Byham, Smith & Paese 2002).

The purpose of this paper is to create my own personal development plan based on the Central Michigan University (CMU) leadership competency model, leadership theories and personality tests. This will serve as a framework to allow me to identify my own weaknesses and strengths, and develop my leadership capacity, allowing myself to be able to achieve the vision I set for myself and the current business environment.

The vision I had for myself is to enter the Marketing Industry, focusing on business development, and ultimately becoming an entrepreneur. Business development has been said to be a synthesis of strategic analysis, marketing and sales (The Editor, 2012). The competencies required are ‘strong research skills’, to evaluate the business environment, ‘people and communication skills’, to build partnership and rapport with other organization and with a ‘deal closing instinct’, to ensure closing of sales (The Editor, 2012).

This leadership development plan will be helping me in preparing to be a future business development director or an entrepreneur at the end of my career. Lastly, I would seek a Major of the Singapore Armed Forces, who has seen me in a leadership role, to provide feedback on my personal leadership development plan.

Central Michigan University Leadership Competency Model
The Central Michigan University leadership competency model has identified leaders with several competencies such as skills, behaviors, abilities, knowledge and attitudes (Central Michigan University, 2004). However, they recognized that in reality, it is impossible for every leader to acquire all of those proficiencies, but leaders are required to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses (Central Michigan University 2004). This allows them to further enhance...

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