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Leadership and Management in Organizations Essay

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Interest   to   Leadership   originated   more   in   deep   antiquity.   Phenomenon Leadership for centuries cared   consciousness   many   researchers .   In early twentieth   century   started   study   management   .   Guide   and Leadership became an object of study.   define the nature leadership at any given time by Identity of the leader, its origin, the process of socialization   and methods , his nomination, Characteristics of the followers, The relationship between leaders and followers, The context in which leadership takes place. Yet some ancient sage said: art of managing people - the hardest and highest of all the arts.   This truth was fair at all times, but especially now. Leadership - a complex concept, which includes several components: Association with human qualities, A process in which "are slaves, The result of human activity . Others define leadership as follows: "The leader - a man   playing a key role in the group as to the direction, control and modify the activities of other members of the group to achieve group goals.   From the point of view of these authors, "leader of the organization - people, effectively carrying out formal guidance and leadership."
It is Important to control and guidance,   Leader is important because it is constantly active on the background of changing relationships within the group, providing a constant influence on the people who are against him act as a "slave."   Unofficial leader largely helps the head, successfully complementing his work.   Leadership influence change affects workers in the field of behavioral concerns gain or vice versa, leveling personal traits, motivational sphere, etc.   In a well-organized group leader often uses these forms of treatment to members of the group as advice and request, and much rarer - mentoring.
this essay sets out to demonstrate why studying leaders and leadership matters and is important. First a brief review of the book “A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably...

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