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Laws In Capital Market Essay

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Below is an essay on "Laws In Capital Market" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

When referring to a capital market, it is important to note that the term can refer to a rather broad range of products and services that are associated with finances and investments. To that end, a capital market will include such components as the stock market, commodities exchanges, the bond market, and just about any physical or virtual facility or medium where debt and equity securities can be bought or sold.
As a market for securities with a very broad reach, the capital market is an ideal environment for the creation of strategies that can result in raising long-term funds for bond issues or even mortgages. At the same time, the capital market provides the medium for short-term fund strategies as well. Essentially, any type of financial transaction that is meant to result in the buying and selling of securities and commodities for profit can rightly be considered part of the capital market.

Institutions are also part of the framework of the capital market. Stock exchanges are one of the more visible examples of established operations that give form and function to the capital market. Along with the stock exchanges, support organizations such as brokerage firms also form part of the capital market. Over the counter markets are also included in the working definition for a capital market. By providing the mechanisms that make trading possible, these outward expressions of the capital market make it possible to keep the process ethical and more easily governed according to local laws and customs.
Because of the broad structure of the capital market, investors of all types have the opportunity to participate in financial strategies that can strengthen the general economy as well create financial security. Persons who wish to focus on investment opportunities that are very stable and more or less ensure a modest return can find plenty of different offerings to choose from. At the same time, investors who tend to be more adventurous can also find a wide...

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