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Law In Nursing Essay

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language Jenny is 38 years old and 22 weeks pregnant . Her obstetrician found on ultrasound what looks like a heart abnormality in the growing fetus . He referred her to a cardiac surgeon who advised surgery in utero to repair the heart
During the surgery the doctor successfully repaired the heart abnormality but damaged a blood vessel leading to the heart , creating a significant future risk of death to the child after birth
Consider each of the following situations
1 . Discuss the present legal position of the surgeon on the facts above[->0]
br should Jenny sue the surgeon
2 . What difference would it make if the child died before its birth as a result of the damaged blood vessel
3 . When born , in addition to the above risk , the child was found to have a significant intellectual disability because of reduced oxygen to the brain during the pregnancy due to the damaged blood vessel .Consider the legal options and processes available to the child
The is a research-based and must include both case law and legislation
Any approved referencing system is acceptable
The content will be assessed by way of issues identified , and argument logically supported by discussion of the relevant law in a nursing context
The presentation component will be assessed by taking into account the grammar , spelling , layout , headings , and overall readability
Fetal surgery has been a recent development of medicine , and although it is still in the infancy stages , fetal surgery has a lot of potency in terms of reducing the infant mortality rates . However , since the producer has been development only recently , there have been a lot of issues as it cans potential cause damage to the infant leading to death In several instances the need to perform fetal surgery is questions as the patient can wait until birth or infancy . There may be several risks if a surgery is being performed on a newborn baby . Some of the risks associated with fetal surgery include :-

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