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Law 531 Law/531 Final Exam - Latest Essay

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  • on August 20, 2015
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Below is an essay on "Law 531 Law/531 Final Exam - Latest" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

LAW 531 LAW/531 Final Exam - Latest

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1.What are the two categories of government regulations that pertain to businesses?

2.In a survey of the nonattainment areas in the state, the agency found Helmont to be the district that exceeded the ozone standard by the largest margin. Helmont is most likely to be categorized as a(n) ________ nonattainment area.

3.In which type of franchise does the franchisor give the franchisee a license to make and sell its products from a retail outlet for an exclusive geographical territory?

4.The federal Privacy Act provides that federal administrative agencies can

5.George, Jerry, and Harry are passengers on a flight from Chicago to New York. They injure their legs when their seatbelts do not fasten during takeoff. The airline is sued by all three together for injuries caused and the airline is found to be negligent and is directed by the court to pay damages to the injured parties. Which of the following parties is entitled to recover maximum damages?

6.Which of the following doctrines allows the court to order an oral contract for the sale of land or transfer of another interest in real property to be specifically performed if it has been partially performed and performance is necessary to avoid injustice?

7.Which of the following policies helps a corporate officer from being sued for honest mistakes made on behalf of a corporation?

8.Generally, the action committed by a corporate officer or director in his or her violation of the fiduciary duty of care is what type of action?

9.A bona fide occupational qualification is required to be

10.________ is a rule which states that judges of one country cannot question the validity of an act committed by another...

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