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Later Adulthood Essay

  • Submitted by: verdawn86
  • on April 1, 2014
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During life, you experience several changes of adulthood. The last stage is the later adulthood, which at this age; someone is normally 50 years of age and over. At this age, they begin to experience several of changes such as their mental, personal and social lifestyles. In later adulthood hood, they begin to see their purpose in society different as well. The population in today’s society is made up of over more than ten percent in the United States and it is known as the quickest growing age group. As elders, many of people are not able to take care of themselves and do the things that they were once able to do. This can vary from bathing, cooking, cleaning, paying bills, getting dressed, driving or even shopping for themselves.
Nursing homes has been established to assist with all of these things that seniors cannot do. Nursing homes help lessens their expenses that they are no longer able to handle. Nursing homes also assist elders who may have physical handicaps as well. They are able to have the required twenty four hour care that is needed. Although at this age, when they are no longer independent, this becomes very uncomfortable for them. Seniors are no longer safe at this age, as they become victims of crimes due to their susceptibility and vulnerability. They are less aware of scams and other things that are going on, and they are quicker to fall for these types of crimes.
When you speak of elders, seniors or later adulthood, you know that healthcare is an important factor. Studies show that most seniors are misdiagnosis because physicians are initially trained to examine the youth and not seniors. Most seniors that are ill have more diseases such as cancer and muscle pains like arthritis and do not acquire the proper medication due to their misdiagnosis. After several doctor visits and test, they require immediate medical attention and it becomes very important to get them properly treated. If not, this also causes health failure and more reasons...

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