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Langston Hughes Report

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  • on March 22, 2012
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Langston Hughes was a great poet of his time and well established writer. He wrote short story’s and was a columnist.   Hughes wrote to describe issues that have been close to him, his family, or what he has had to go through in his life. Hughes shows a lot of symbolism in his poems, writing about different things that have happened to him or things that he has gone through in his life. Hughes was a Hughes was a great writer known for his poetry.
Hughes uses his life experiences to enhance his writing. Hughes had it tough growing up because he was a young African American and there was still a lot of racism at this time. Hughes did not have the greatest childhood, he was raised by his grandmother he was not brought up by his actual parents. He was born in Missouri but grew up with his grandmother in Kansas. His parents separated and his mother was seeking a job so that is the reason that he was mostly brought up by his Grandmother.   His grandmother told him folk stories about his African American heritage when he was a child. Hughes went through various things in his life that made him the person he was. A lot of his writing was mostly just about his heritage and the things he endured during his life. Hughes did not have the greatest relationship with his father. Langston went back to live mother while he was in his high school years. His mother remarried while he was in high school. Hughes had various jobs and did many things in his life. He was a delivery boy, a farm hand, and a seaman that is why he traveled a lot and saw the world.
Hughes wrote a lot of poems describing his life. He wrote about going through life being black and dealing with things that had to do with him being black and the struggles he had to put up with. He uses the rivers over in Africa as symbolism to his African American Heritage. He uses rivers in Africa to describe and link them to his ancient ancestors he then says “he heard the singing of the Mississippi when Abe Lincoln went...

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