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Landscapes Essay

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Year 10 Genetics Quiz Name: ___________________
TRUE OR FALSE STATEMENTS -   underline the part that is incorrect and write the correct one.

  1. A gene is a length of DNA
  2. There is such a thing as longevity
  3. Identical twins have the same genes.
  4. Tongue-rolling is genetic — you can either do it or you can't.
  5. If your mother is the only girl and has seven brothers and your father is one of seven boys, you are more likely to have a boy.
  6. Genes are part of a human's body which give out emotions
  7. If you're homosexual, it's because you've got a gay gene.
  8. Genes are passed down through your biological parents.
  9. There are 23 chromosomes in a gene.
  10. Genes contain chromosomes
  11. Half your genes come from your mother and half from your father.
  12. Genes can mutate.
  13. Genetic disorders are always passed on.
  14. The severity of genetic diseases decreases as they are passed through the generations.
  15. There are 46 chromosomes in all normal cells except gametes (sex cells) which have 23 chromosomes.
  16. All genetic disorders are recessive.
  17. If you have faulty genes, you have some kind of disability, no matter how slight.
  18. Genes are found on thread-like chromosomes in the nucleus of every cell.
  19. Everyone has a 'DNA fingerprint' which can be used to identify people i.e. in crime.
  20. DNA can be affected by exposure to radiation.
  21. You inhabit genes from parents and that's how you get certain habits from them
  22. Genes determine everything about you.
  23. DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid
  24. Genes are passed on through blood.
  25. There are 4 types of genes — C,T, A,G.
  26. DNA can replicate.
  27. Your genes are inherited by your parents
  28. There are 46 genes in every living cell.
  29. Humans can use their knowledge of genetics to look for a cure for genetic diseases.
  30. It is now possible for doctors to create the perfect baby, removing any...

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