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Land Resource Essay

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At the beginning of the human civilization, the earth was abundant with all those natural resources that are essential for the survival of life. Water, air, greenery, were all aplenty. Then came the discovery of oil and gas, which began to be used for a variety of purposes. Over time, all the natural resources became the root of major inventions; water, oil and gas for electricity and travel, trees for paper and furniture, land for agriculture, development of living spaces, etc. There are many other uses of these natural resources. Because everything was available in abundance, no one ever considered the fact that casual use of these would slowly lead to their depletion, and leave us stranded in a world where we are now so dependent on all our creations.

It is a known fact that if we are not careful, the survival of all life forms will become increasingly difficult. Here we try to explain to you, why the conservation of natural resources is so essential, and how to go about the process with some guidelines.

Ways of Conserving Natural Resources

Unfortunately, our dependence on these resources has made their conservation an arduous task. Fortunately, it is not a task that is impossible. Take a look at how you can do your bit and contribute to these simple ways to save the environment.

Conserving Trees

Trees give us the oxygen we breathe, the paper we use, the fruit we eat, the shade we need from the brutal sunlight, and are essential for the survival of wildlife. To save this indispensable natural resource, find out how to go green at home.

Use only recycled paper products. It takes a lot of trees to make a small amount of paper. You can save these by recycling the paper you use, whether you write on it or print on it.

Avoid using paper unnecessarily. For instance, printing every piece of information is not necessary. Sign up for e-billing and net banking services so that paper bills and bank statements are avoided.

Plant a...

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