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Lab 2 Essay

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    This report represents the results of uniform and uniformly accelerated motion when using an airtrack, an air cart, and multiple photogate timers. In order to show both theoretical and applied proof of uniform velocity an airtrack, an air cart and multiple photogate timers are used and then velocity is calculated by use of. With a level airtrack and properly working photogate timers, four runs are made with the cart, time is recorded, velocity and an overall average velocity calculated.
    The track is then raised by a height of 0.63 cm, two photogate timers removed, and the carts is allowed to “freefall” from the higher end of the track and pass through the timers. The acceleration between the gates is then calculated by use of. The experiment is repeated after raising the track by a height of 3.50 cm and using the same calculation of .
    For the smaller of the block (0.63 cm) the acceleration was 6.257 versus the theoretical acceleration of 6.174 for a difference of 1.326%. Acceleration of the larger (3.5 cm) was 33.51 versus the theoretical acceleration of 34.30 for a difference of 2.35%.


    Correct measurement of the flag “riding” on the air cart was crucial to accurate measurement and theoretical calculations, this was done by manually pushing the cart through a timer, notating when the timer was activated and deactivated and using the scale provided on the airtrack to obtain the length of the flag (9.8 cm). After a minimum of four runs though the timers on a level track, the velocity was calculated. The track was raised in order to create an incline plane and the cart was allowed to “freefall” through two of the timers, times were recorded and velocity was calculated. After comparing the velocities of the experiments to theoretical velocities and tabulating the two it was discovered the percent difference ranged between 1.326% and 2.35%. The percent differences can be attributed to errors in measurement readings,...

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