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Ku Community Essay

  • Submitted by: jazz24
  • on March 24, 2012
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Many American’s and our society take shopping as a priority. Some people think that you have to shop to relax, and get things off your mind.   Many students around the KU campus get very upset with the fact that there isn’t a mall in Lawrence.
Lawrence is a college town that’s filled with many students; younger adults that live in Lawrence spend their time at the mall buying stuff. I think that there should be a mall in Lawrence because it will attract more people, also it would save students gas and time because the closest mall is across town about thirty to fourth minutes away.
Putting a mall in Lawrence would be an important change to me because, I love shopping; I can go to the mall just to calm down, relief my stress problem, and to exercise because you have to do a lot of walking.   Also, it would help me get another job because there are so many places to work at. I would be able to buy good looking clothes without going miles away or without going back home to do my shopping even going back home to Texas just to go shopping. Also it’s important to the community because it would offer more jobs for college students so that they want have to keep asking their parents for money. Everyone knows there isn’t really anything to do in Lawrence, but if the community adds a mall more kids and adults can hang out and get away from the KU campus.
I feel by putting a mall in Lawrence, KS, should be made because it will better the Lawrence community; also it will save people in Lawrence gas and money. Another reason I feel like the change should be made is because when people come down to visit the KU campus, a lot people would like to search around downtown area to see how it will benefit their child, and with a mall you can students working, hanging out and a safe place, saving money on deals. Also on holidays when people are doing last minute shopping, Lawrencians don’t want to be and backed up traffic that last for hours, now if there were a mall around Lawrence...

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