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Kristen's Cookie Company Essay

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Kristen’s Cookie Company

Kristen’s Cookie Company is a business designed to provide custom-made, fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies to hungry students late at night.   The business will be operated by 2 students out of their apartment and will utilize tools already in their possession.   The business idea is to take custom cookie orders and provide those freshly baked cookies to the customer within one hour.   The two students plan to bake the cookies right in their apartment using appliances they already have and offering a variety of ingredients to ensure the customers satisfaction with a custom made cookie.   There is only one oven in the apartment and the oven can only hold one tray of cookies at a time.
There are several possible obstacles with this company’s business model.   First, the company should have a better idea of what cookie flavors will be most popular with their customers so they can be better prepared on what ingredients will likely be their most popular.   Therefore allowing them to prepare more efficiently by always remaining freshly stocked with those ingredients.   They can do this in a couple of ways:
  1) The roommates could set up a tasting/testing booth on campus with a variety of cookie flavors for students to try. They can then take notes on which cookies are sampled the most frequently and which cookies get the best feedback.
  2) The roommates could seek permission from their professors to hand out short surveys about cookie preferences in their classes and then collect the data.
The data gathered from those two projects could also help the company in another way.   Once they have determined the 3 or 4 most popular flavors, it may be beneficial to freeze batches of these flavors in ready to bake cookie balls so orders for these flavors can be expedited.  
Another obstacle the company may face could be a bottleneck when it comes to the actual baking process.   With their oven only allowing for one tray of cookies at a time this could...

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