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Knowledge Questions Essay

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BSBWOR501B Knowledge Questions

Please carefully read through each question. Use terms and jargon that have been presented within this Unit. Refer to your online notes, if needed. Please write a minimum of 100 words (approx. 7 sentences) for each response. This is to enable you to fully demonstrate your research and knowledge in this area.

1 Identify and explain three (3) theories, which have been presented in this Unit, to support positive role models in the workplace. Minimum of 100 words (approx. 7 sentences).

|Participative theories                                                                                                             |
|This style should enable and encourage positive role models to emerge. Role models will assist leaders in identifying potential     |
|future champions; those who demonstrate their competencies, skills and knowledge within the team                                   |
|Situational theories                                                                                                               |
|To be effective, it is generally assumed that both leaders and role models need to be ‘versatile’ and reflect their responses,     |
|according to the situation that they are managing or leading. Blanchard presents a Leadership Model which depicts a range of       |
|different environments that managers or leaders manage every day.                                                                   |
|Transactional leader                                                                                                               |
|Transactional leadership believes that ‘leaders are followers’. Rewards are given to recognise and acknowledge employees are       |
|following orders. Reprimands are used to punish and demonstrates that employees are not following their leaders.                   |

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