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Know What Role Internet Marketing Has Within a Modern Marketing Context Essay

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Below is an essay on "Know What Role Internet Marketing Has Within a Modern Marketing Context" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Unit 12: Internet marketing in business
P1: Know what role internet marketing has within a modern marketing context
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In this assignment I will describe the role Internet marketing of businesses. I will consider the following points;
  * Relationship marketing
  * Importance of identification of new product and market development opportunities
  * Using the Internet for strategies to achieve business objectives
  * Technology –enabled targeting and segmentation
And use examples. I will use Adidas as company in this assignment.

Integration of extended marketing mix
Adidas produce quality products to customers. Adidas sells footwear, apparel, bags and balls. Their product aim are mostly athletes because Adidas is a sport brand. They promote their product.

Adidas uses competitor pricing.
Adidas set the price of a product that based on what the competition is charging. Why Adidas uses competitor pricing? Because they selling similar products as their competitors.

Adidas is known as a intermediaries because the business is working between Adidas and their retailers.

Adidas use sales promotion, online promotion and public relation to promote their product. For example consumers can visit the adidas site and find the offers for a product, this falls under online promotion.

Adidas teaches their employees to be friendly to customers. Because it have influences on the customers satisfaction. For example if the Adidas employees are friendly against the customers the customers remember that moment and will come back.

Adidas customers do have a lot of processes to order a product on the web shop. The customers of Adidas do have to fill forms to order their product. It depends where you’re located to wait for your order....

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