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King Lear Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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15 December 2011

Mercy as a Hero
A world without mercy leads to a society lacking forgiveness and understanding. Making an error is a natural occurrence and everyone should be granted the opportunity to redeem themselves. In the play King Lear written by William Shakespeare, it is evident that mercy takes on an important role and displays its significance in society. After King Lear disowns his daughter Cordelia, he is subject to her merciful acts as she forgives his wrong doings against her. Cordelia is not the only character who suffers pain resulting from a complicated relationship with a parent because another character, Edgar faces the same troubles. Edgar, unfairly convicted of plotting to kill his father Gloucester, is also disowned but ultimately the compassion for his father saves his life. Despite all the tragedy that occurred, Edgar still came to his father’s aid while he was suffering from depression. A society of mercy is much more important than a society based on justice. In society, mercy is a much stronger force than justice and is evident in forgiveness, compassion and helping ones in need as proven in the play, King Lear.
King Lear would have remained unhealthy if Cordelia never forgave him for disowning her. If she followed justice, Cordelia would have punished Lear further for what he did to her, without resolving the problem at hand. After King Lear banishes and disowns Cordelia from his life, it leaves her heart broken and furious. Leaving Regan and Goneril possessing all the power, they push out their own father from his kingdom. Once Lear realizes he did Cordelia wrong, he begins his descent into insane. Kent, a nobleman to the King informs Cordelia that her father is suffering from the betrayal of his other two daughters. Without hesitation, she immediately wishes to help her father overcome this traumatic event. Cordelia speaks to the doctor about her father’s condition and asks, “What can man’s wisdom/In the restoring his...

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