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Kinesiology Essay

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  • on April 2, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Kinesiology" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

TEST - 3
1.  Which of the following are concerns for participation in a fitness conditioning and/or aerobic exercise activity?
        a.  Occasional chest pain
        b.  Occasional dizziness after activity
        c.  Loose joints or muscular disorders
        d   All of the above are correct
        e.  None of the above are correct
  2. Which of the following choices is the "contractile unit" of the muscle?
        a.  Myofibril
        b   Sarcomere
        c.  Z-band
        d.  Actin
        e.  Myosin
  3. As a certain muscle contracts, its length remains unchanged. What kind of a contraction took place?
        a   Isometric
        b.  Concentric
        c.  Plyometric
        d.  Eccentric
  4.  Slow twitch fibers are ________ and are most often found in ________ types of muscles.
        a.  Type I; dynamic
        b   Type I, postural
        c.  Type II; postural
        d.  Type II; dynamic
  5.  There are two ways to increase your force production capacity during a muscle contraction. Which of the following are correct?
        a.  Increasing the frequency of stimulation of the motor units
                    Increasing the number of motor units recruited
        b.  Increasing the amount of protein you eat.
            Increasing the # of cross bridges formed between actin & myosin.
        c.  Increasing the frequency of stimulation of the motor units.
            Rubbing Chuck Norris' beard prior to performing the lift.
        d.  Increasing the number of muscles recruited to perform the lift.
            Increasing the amount of calcium available to your muscles.
  6. A muscle with a _______cross-sectional area will produce more force than a muscle with a_______ cross-sectional area.
        a.  medium; large
        b.  small; large
        c.  large: small
        d. large; medium
7. Hypertrophy is:
      a. an increased number of muscle fibers in a muscle.
      b. an...

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