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Kidzania Essay

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                     INTERNATIONAL  CORPORATE  STRATEGY                                                                        CASE:  KidZania  


                                                   DR.  Francois  Bernard  Duhamel    

ID:       Diana  Laura  Garc​    Vallejo   í​ a 146063      

  INTRODUCTION       Kidzania   is   a  mexican  chain  of  entertainment  centers  created  in  1996  with  the  name   of   ​​ a  ciudad   de  los   ni​​ s​​this  name  was    later  change  when  the  founders  decided   “L ño ”,   to   franchise   the     concept   and   become   international.   This   name   would  be  Kidzania.   This  concept  was  developed  by  Xavier  L​​ ez  Ancona  (CEO).   óp The   concept   of   kidzania  is   an   educative    role   play  game  called   ​​ dutainment​​ Kids   “e ”.   are   supposed    to  acquire   real   life   skills  in  a  replica  of  a  real  child-­sized  city  (ubicated   inside  a  known  mall)  with  buildings,  shops  and  cinemas.  In  this  city  children  age  2  to   16  could   act   like   an   professional,  being   able   to  pick   from  70  professions.  Kids  wear   uniform  according  to  the  activity  they  choose  and  are  guided  by  trained  people.     From   this   children   could     learn   about   the   adult   world   and   value   of  money.   Kidzania   has   its   own   coin,   which   is   the   ​​idzo​​ Everything   inside   works   like   the   real   world.   “k ”.   Kids   change   their   checks   and   spend   money   in   any   good   or   services.   When   the   money   is  spent,   they   have   to   work   in  other   to   make  more   money.  Creating  savings   accounts,   earn     interests,   check   their   balance,   is   just   part   of   the   adventure.   (Kidzania,2014)   Kidzania   has   been  a  big  success  in  Mexico  since  the  beginning.  They  first  opened  a   center   in   Monterrey   and   they   turn   the   concept   into   a  ...

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