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Kid Nation vs. Lord of the Flies Essay

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  • on April 1, 2014
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Lord of the Flies vs. Kid Nation
There were many parallels between the novel Lord of the Flies and the television show Kid Nation. Lord of the Flies was written in 1954, and Kid Nation was made in 2007. Even though there was a big time gap between the two they still have many similarities.
One of the ideas that were the same is that the kids are in hazardous conditions and put to long hours of working. In Kid Nation they put 40 kids in a deserted town and left them by themselves without any adults around.   The kids were in a plane that crashed on an island and they don’t know where they’re at in Lord of the Flies. (Evidence)
In Kid Nation Greg is the Jack figure. He is resentful of the success of others, and has attitude problems. He is the first to kill the chickens too, just like Jack killing the pigs. After Jack and a couple other people got done beating up Roger, acting like he was a pig, he then said “That was a good game.” (115). Jack did not care about others, he only cared about himself. Greg from Kid Nation was just like that, after he found out that they gave a gold star to someone who the council thought did the finest, that’s all he wanted. After he didn’t get the gold star he was very cruel to others there and threw a tantrum.
The kids on the show kill chickens for food, just like the killing of the pigs in Lord of the Flies.

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