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Khoanguyen Essay

  • Submitted by: khoanguyen
  • on March 24, 2012
  • Category: English
  • Length: 743 words

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Nguyen, Khoa
Per. 5
Mrs. Chilien

A sound of thunder: A minor mistake to a huge price.

An unusual hunting trip might be an excited, profitable experiment. As well described in “A sound of thunder” by Ray Bradbury, in 2055, a group men undertake a time travel safari the past to hunt dinosaur. While the organizers have taken every precaution to minimize the impact of the hunting party on the past to the present, one member violates the rules and leaves the designated path. Upon their return to the present, the group is stunned and finds that the world has been drastically altered by the seemingly innocuous death of a pre-historic butterfly. The mood throughout the trip is intense.   The author uses the person of view, diction, and plot to reinforce the mood.
The author uses the third person point of view to tell the story. As an imaginary third person, existing in the dialogues of all the characters, he can easily feature their emotions and attitudes toward the events throughout the expedition as well as the immaculate, panoramic surrounding setting. “He indicated a metal path the struck off into green wilderness, over streaming swamp, among giant ferns and palms.” And “They sat on the wilderness. Far bird’s cries blew on a wind, and the smell of tar and an old salt sea, moist grasses, and flowers in the color of blood.” These complex descriptions refer to a world which a man can barely image. They give the reader the feeling as they are a part of the hunting group, facing the unexplored jungle. The third person point of view allows the author to express emotions and attitudes of the group along the trip. “He did not move. Eyes shut, he waited, shivering. He heard Travis breathe loud in the room; he heard Travis shift his rifle, click safety catch, and raise the weapon.” Ray can see regret on Eckels’ face as he willing to be punished for his
Throughout the journey, the author creates the mood through plot, surprised ending. The author...

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  • Submitted by: khoanguyen
  • on March 24, 2012
  • Category: English
  • Length: 743 words
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